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Our Sponsors

Sponsors play a huge role in supporting RACQ CQ Rescue financially in order to keep the helicopter rescue service operational.

There are several levels of sponsorship:

  • Naming Rights Sponsor
  • Platinum Partner
  • Major Sponsor
  • Rescue 412 Program

Naming Rights

The RACQ, Queensland’s peak independent motoring organisation, has been a supporter and naming rights sponsor of Mackay-based CQ Rescue since 2001. We are proud to partner with CQ Rescue, which has completed over 5,000 missions. During that time, not only has CQ Rescue saved the lives of hundreds of road crash victims, it has rescued lost bushwalkers, sailors in distress, injured mine workers, and many other everyday Queenslanders who have needed urgent medical care. Its expert crew have won bravery awards in the process.

The RACQ has won a reputation for providing peace of mind to our 1.2 million members throughout Queensland over the past century. CQ Rescue also provides peace of mind for the residents of central Queensland, by being on call 24/7, 365 days a year to save them from acute illness or severe trauma. Through our joint efforts, we aim to ensure CQ Rescue keeps flying and saving lives.

Platinum Partners

Our Platinum Partners provide a minimum of $100,000 per annum in support of RACQ CQ Rescue and have their logo in the most prominent positions on the helicopter for maximum exposure. Media coverage is arranged for Platinum Partners to promote their support of RACQ CQ Rescue and employee involvement and cross promotions between RACQ CQ Rescue and the sponsoring organisation is highly encouraged. A website link is also added to the RACQ CQ Rescue website and vice versa, sponsors are encouraged to promote their involvement with RACQ CQ Rescue on their own websites.

Major Sponsors

Corporate sponsorship of RACQ CQ Rescue allows companies to have two logos on the aircraft, one on each side. Media coverage is also arranged for our major sponsors as well as a website link. As a sponsor, your logo will also appear in the RACQ CQ Rescue Annual Community Report. Any company who chooses to support our helicopter rescue service is looked upon favourably by the people in our community.

Rescue 412 Program

Our Rescue 412 program participants support RACQ CQ Rescue by donating a set amount of $1,000 each year. This amount is tax deductible for organisations and individuals, and members are invited to sponsored events each quarter which allows them to meet other supporters and network with other businesses. Our Major Sponsors and Platinum Partners are also invited to attend these events.