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For 21 years, RACQ CQ Rescue has been providing rapid response critical care and aeromedical retrieval services to a 300km radius from Mackay in Central Queensland, Australia, 24/7, 365 days a year. In this time technology has advanced exponentially, equipment improved immeasurably and training is much more sophisticated. The necessity for this service is obvious with the number of missions also increasing considerably each year. CQ Rescue has just reached their 7400th mission – an impressive achievement from modest beginnings 21 years ago.

What hasn’t changed is our vital need for community support and funding as well as communication and engagement with the public and stakeholders. Without their help, we literally couldn’t get off the ground. The costs of keeping our aircraft operational and the crew fully equipped, on standby and ready to go to the aid of people who find themselves in need of emergency medical care will escalate to about $8.3 million in 2016. Most of our patients never envisage they will need our help – but when they do, they become acutely aware how important it is our community-funded helicopter rescue service remain at the forefront of rapid response critical care. Without RACQ CQ Rescue, many lives would be lost or changed forever. Thankfully, we have community-conscious organisations and sponsors who partner with us to ensure this life-saving service is available to people in our community when they need it most.

Over the course of our 21-year history, RACQ CQ Rescue has rescued, transferred, retrieved and winched thousands of people. These very fortunate users of the helicopter rescue service say their lives would be extremely different today if the RACQ CQ Rescue helicopter wasn’t available to help them when they needed it. Often a patient’s only lifeline, RACQ CQ Rescue offers aeromedical and search and rescue assistance to those in dire situations.

As a community helicopter provider, RACQ CQ Rescue is available to all residents, workers and visitors in Central Queensland, between Townsville and Rockhampton.

There have been many advances within our organisation over time and we are proud to say RACQ CQ Rescue is synonymous with unquestionable professionalism, compassion and integrity.

Our Mission: Providing our community and stakeholders with a sustainable and supported, world class aeromedical and emergency helicopter rescue service 24/7, 365 days a year.

Critically ill patient winched from bulk carrier 200km offshore

Top 5 Missions By Type (2016)

Medical Condition 23%
Other (outside of general aeromedical tasking categories) 23%
Cardiac 12%
Motor Vehicle Accident 6%
Accident 5%

Missions By Region (2016)

Whitsunday Region 39%
Bowen Basin 31%
Mackay 24%
Townsville 6%